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Find Your Next Awesome Yachting Adventure Make memories of a life time

Finding a Yacht to Suit You

Sign up for free, registering as a guest or owner if you intend to both charter out your own yacht, and rent others.

Then either use the search bar on the homepage, searching by either location, number of guests, keywords, yacht category or filter with your daily budget and any combination of them. Or leave blank and hit search. Once you’re on the listings page, you can apply further filters, such as allowing dogs etc.

Contact the Owner

Once you think you’ve found the yacht for you, check its free when you need it via the calendar in the side bar or large calendar at the bottom of the listing. Contact the owner, discuss your experience, the charter conditions and requirements with them, remember its their boat, they may want to skipper for you or require proof you’re capable and qualified.

Make sure its the right choice for you. Once both sides are happy, request the booking, the owner will confirm.

At this point you will be prompted to pay, once done your booking is confirmed.

Enjoy Your Charter

All that’s left is for you to enjoy your charter with your friends and family. Always listen to your skipper and take care around marinas and the water. Don’t forget to tell your friends about Click My Charter and leave your skipper or boat owner a review on their profile. It really helps them out and might land you a discount in future. You can also share your trip photo on our Facebook page and tag us on Instagram.